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YGK X Braid Super Jigman X8 300mt

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YGK X013 X Braid Super Jigman X8 300mt

YGK has always been operating under the dogma that it is the line that finally connects the angler to the fish. Literally, the line is the lifeline of fishing and the last fort. Hence, for line and braid manufacturers, it is no exaggeration to assume that fishing cannot be achieved without understanding the essence of a line. YGK is committed to the pursue of reliable quality, in order to create the ultimate lines, utilizing and continuously challenging the best materials and technological innovations. spirit and the best technology.

YGK developed the X Braid Super Jigman x8 braid, using the most advanced fiber material and the most advanced technology, to produce a great 8 strands braid. The YGK Super Jigman is a colored braided line (changes every 10 mt), with marking every 1 mt, for a variety of In and Off Shore fishing techniques.

For any Jigging style, the angler requires a full specs braided line, made of top quality fibers. The Super Jigman is a super strong, value for money PE line.

A few of its qualitative characteristics is abrasion resistance, the round profile, extra sensitivity, and strength all of which have been improved by using the WX weaving method, which is a unique technology that delivers overwhelming consistency and strength. By also applying the HST Processing method and by weaving at high tension and high density pitch, YGK produced a true masterpiece.

High-density pitch weaving method, have been combined with various pioneer technologies by YGK such as the WX8 method + HST Processing to create a masterpiece of performance. In general, PE lines have higher wear resistance and lower linear strength, when the manufacturer employees a fine, high density weaving method. On the contrary, when the weaving of the fibers is at low density, the braid becomes round and straight, the linear strength increases and the wear resistance decreases. The YGK WX Braiding Technology creates lines with the least stretch and tightest body.

The YGK X-Braid Upgrade braids realize both of these contradictory characteristics at the highest level, to create an all-category, high-quality, high-strength PE line that complies with the "PE Braid Thickness Standard" established by the Fishing Line Subcommittee of the Japan Fishing Equipment Manufacturers Association.

The WX assembly method is a method in which when winding 4, or 8 fibers the twisting directions of the 2 on 2, or 4 on 4 threads are assembled in opposite directions. This way they come out straight, well balanced and without any twists. YGK has developed the machinery necessary to perform this task, in-house. This construction method also enhances an outstandingly even, strength stability throughout the length of the line.

Available in 300 m spools, in in 5 consecutive colors with a marking at every 1 m.

PE Strength Length Color
0.6 6.4 kg / 14 lbs 300 m Multicolored
0.8 7.3 kg / 16 lbs 300 m Multicolored
1.0 9.1 kg / 20 lbs 300 m Multicolored
1.2 11.3 kg / 25 lbs 300 m Multicolored
1.5 13.6 kg / 30 lbs 300 m Multicolored
2.0 15.9 kg / 35 lbs 300 m Multicolored
2.5 20.4 kg / 45 lbs 300 m Multicolored
3.0 22.7 kg / 50 lbs 300 m Multicolored
4.0 27.2 kg / 60 lbs  300 m Multicolored
5.0 29.8 kg / 70 lbs 300 m Multicolored