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YGK X-Braid Upgrade X8 Pentagram 150mt

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YGK X040 X-Braid Upgrade X8 Pentagram

Absolute advantage of abundant approach

Adopting the long-awaited 5color, adding 0.4 and 0.5 for light games Upgrade X8 Pentagram Introducing with full satisfaction!

High-density pitch manufacturing method x WX8 method x GP processing x HST processing is a masterpiece of performance. In general, PE lines have higher wear resistance and lower linear strength when the pitch is finely assembled at high density. On the contrary, when the pitch is roughly assembled at a low density, the yarn becomes straight, the linear strength increases, and the wear resistance decreases. X-BRAID UPGRAD realizes both of its contradictory performances at the highest level in the world, and is an all-category high-quality, high-power PE line that complies with the "PE thread thickness standard" established by the Fishing Thread Subcommittee of the Japan Fishing Goods Industry Association. is. * The WX assembly method is a method in which when assembling 4 or 8 fibers, the twisting directions of the raw yarn and fiber are 2 or 2 or 4 or 4 are all symmetrical on the left and right. The construction method that is also applied to the Zile (lifeline) enhances outstanding strength stability and line straightness.

● Color: 5COLOR 20cm mark every 2m

● Material: Polyethylene <Specific gravity: 0.98>



P.E LB Standard (m) JAN code
0.4 10 150 4582550-712924
0.5 12 150 4582550-712931
0.6 14 150 4582550-712948