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XDIVE Diving Flashlight CREE LED / 3W 300Lumens

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Product Description

Type: LED hand flashlight
Lamp type: 1 LED Cree XPG-R5
Power: 3W
Brigtness: 300 Lumens
Beam power: 11.000 LUX
Beam length: 240m
Beam width: 4,6
Duration: 1 - 24 hours
LED life: +50.000 hours
Max depth: 100m
Seal: Double O-Rings
Switch: Sliding magnetic
Body material: Anodized Aluminum Τ6061-Τ6
Bezel material: Anodized Aluminum Τ6061-Τ6
Power supply: 3 ΑAA alcaline batteries
Dimensions: Ø 44,5(bezel) -  Ø 29,5 (body) x 122 mm
Weight without batteries: 146gr.
Weight with batteries: 179gr.
Color: Black
Safety cord included
Package: Gift box