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Vanfook Jigen JH-10 Assist Hooks

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Versatile Hook in Light Jigging around Coastal Sea

JIGEN, Vanfook standard hook for light jigging produced from the concept with amazing hooking performance by very light weighted wire and to be the best model for every target in light jigging around coastal sea.

The flatted end jigging hook that designed to be gentle curved hooking point and the best shank length, it is to let the hooking power to be easy to come directly. As for the details, given regular tapered process to have durability on the hooking point, and tin silver plating has given on the surface to realize high anti-rust performance.

We have variety of assist hooks for light jigging by using this hook JIGEN and wide size range covers every target in light jigging that frequent change of assist hook is required.

Size Color Qty / Pack
#3 Silver 15
#2 Silver 14
#1 Silver 13
#1/0 Silver 12
#2/0 Silver 11
#3/0 Silver 10