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Shimano Silent Assassin Flash Boost 140s

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All-rounder minnow in any situation! Assassin 140 with Flash Boost is born!

Silent Assassin series that has accumulated many achievements. The 140mm size, is finally equipped with a Flash Boost.

This is not just a reflector attached to the conventional Silent Assassin 140. When installing the Flash Boost, the body shape, buoyancy, and strength are reviewed, and the optimum balance that does not interfere with the lure's swimming is recalculated.

Not only the action by just winding, but also the stable action is realized even in the point where the flow is fast. Furthermore, even when the lure is stopped after jerk or twitch, the usage of vibrating the reflector inside the body to induce a bite is unique to Flash Boost. It is highly effective in a variety of situations, from high-pressure day games to capturing points that have been threaded in night games.

Silent Assassin 140, which boasts many achievements, is equipped with a Flash Boost!

Assassin who has accumulated many achievements, redesigned body aiming for further height.
Equipped with a Flash Boost to increase the strength of the body. In addition, you can swim well even with the 5000XG reel PE2 line setting.

Length (mm) Weight (g) Type
140 28 Sinking