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Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NRXG (Right)

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Manipulate speed! A new strategy proposed by JIGGER.

HAGANE's rigidity in an S compact body that is easy to palm. Smooth and light winding feeling and power brought by Micro Module Gear & Infinity Drive. A new strategy of speed has been added to the Ossia jigger, which meets those elements required for jigging reels at a high level. The width is 7 steps from a gear ratio of 5.1 and a maximum hoisting length of 78 cm (1500PG) to a gear ratio of 7.0 and a maximum hoisting length of 132 cm (2000NRXG). The fusion of winding speed and jerk pattern leads jigging to a higher level. Of course, it is fully equipped with the advanced technology that Jigger is proud of, such as waterproofing the iron wall with X protect and high-performance drag. Supports a wide range of games from near sea to mid-deep sea.


Ratio: 7.0:1

Retrieve per crank: 132cm

Weight: 580gr

Drag: 10Kg

Pe/Mt: 3-400, 4-300