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Seaguar SAIKO Soft Fluorocarbon Line (50mt)

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Let us introduce to you the latest development in the fluorocarbon lines category, specially created with the most advanced Japanese technology. The Yuki Seaguar Saiko has been created with a new molecule all around, superior to the ones used on any other line until today, making of its structure an unsurpassable line.

Over the years Yuki, working hand in hand with Seaguar, has developed the best 100% fluorocarbon lines in the market, made 100% from tested and proven, exclusive Seaguar resins.

Its polymer strings construction and its all direction orientation makes it highly knob resistant and very resilient to saltpeter, UV rays and abrasion. With its unique molecular structure, Yuki and Seaguar have been able to create a very light line with an incredibly soft touch. The line’s refraction degree is nearly that of the water’s density making it totally invisible, making a real difference with other lines.

The Yuki Seaguar Saiko utilizes a special mixture of soft materials and is ideal for fishing with artificial lures like Slow Jigs, Silicon Baits, or Live Baits like worms, cuttlefish, etc.

Because of the soft mixture, the Seaguar Saiko Soft allows your lure to maintain a smooth and natural motion underwater and make the bait even more attractive to the fish. It is also able to maintain all its properties after long days of fishing, due to its zero memory.

 Available on a 50 mt spool.