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Savage Gear

Savage Gear Sandeel soft lure 18cm 100gr

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This eye-catching and unique lure is a supernatural sand eel imitation. The sand eel is a favorite food of many predatory fish. With a soft body, these lures exhibit the most perfect swimming action. The sand eel is primarily designed for vertical fishing and is Savage Gear’s 100% saltwater specific lure – however, it has proven to be just as effective as floating lures and even trolling. The swimming action is so real, you have to see it to believe it. It is equipped with a saltwater grade treble hook made of premium Japanese carbon steel to withstand powerful strikes and catch large predatory fish. It performs excellently on predatory fish such as bluefish and sea bass, as well as deep water predators such as dentex, grouper, etc. which are caught at greater depths and are generally less common on hard lures.


Each package includes 2 bodies and 1 jighead