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Savage Gear

Savage Gear Micro Assist Assist Hooks

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Savage Gear micro assist hook range is specially designed to fit perfectly all smaller jigs from 5gr up to 80gr. The super strong and light weight hooks are tied to blood red hollow Fluoro Carbon core Braid. The Shape of our Micro Assist Hooks match perfectly the body shape of most jigs and the unique rigging gives a superb hook up rate. You can add one or two Micro Assist Hooks on your jig and remove the treble hook, for better jig performance and less snagging on the rocks. Suggested use: Bloody Single assist hooks match perfectly all jigs from 5gr to 80gr. They are suggested for Micro Shore Jigging, Light jigging, Shore Jigging, Cast Jigging and Micro Vertical Jigging techniques.


• Japanese XC75 Carbon Steel
• Super light & strong
• Ultimate sharpness
• Super PE Fluorocarbon core Red cord
• Flashing Teasers
• Zero tangle design