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Savage Gear

Savage Gear Gravity Minnow 50 8gr

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 The Gravity Minnow 50 is the ideal lure for very calm conditions, when fishing light game or LRF style, and will trigger strikes from even very inactive fish. This small minnow is solid and compact – perfect for targeting all small saltwater predators such as mackerel, sea bass, needlefish, small tunnies and sea bream. The floating model is built for easy distance casting and has a super lively reaction whether you retrieve it fast, slow, or anywhere in between. The sinking version has the perfect blend between excellent action and long casting distance. It has an outstanding cast even in unfavorable conditions and makes great side flashes on retrieve. It can be allowed to reach the bottom for rock predators, or start directly from the surface or mid water, resulting in a very versatile lure that covers the whole water column. The fast sinking version is a unique aggressive micro lure that casts extremely well even in rough conditions and makes strong side flashes on the retrieve. It runs perfectly even in strong current and is devastating when fished with a fast-twitching retrieve.

Lure length:50mm
Lure weight:8g

Fast Sinking