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Promix Pop Up 11mm

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When developing Promix Pop Up pellets, the clear goal was to provide a solution for almost any situation with the flavors and colors found in the palette. As a result, the products have gone through a very long period of development and testing, so that only the best working and catchiest lures are placed in your hands, or rather on the spikes, or rather in the mouths of fish.

One of the keys to this versatile yet easy-to-use bait is buoyancy. This was perhaps the biggest headache. In the final form of the bait, this is set so that when using a normal spike of 10 or a medium-thick hook 8, only the spike is raised, the hook is just scratching the bottom of the riverbed. It is this bait offering that is effective in most cases. Nevertheless, there are situations where, in addition to the spike, the hook must also be lifted from the bottom. The bait is also a solution for this, since in combination with a fine spike and a hook with thinner flesh, it already rises from the bottom. So there's no need to carve or lead, just using the right combination of hook and spike to make the perfect bait.

In addition to buoyancy, colours and aromas are arguably the most important. In addition to the most intense fluo colors, which almost shine even when collecting the least filtered light underwater, thus arousing the curiosity of greedy fish, there is also a place for hiding, more natural colors that blend into the bottom of the riverbed, with which fish living in crystal clear waters or feeding cautiously can also be fooled. In terms of aromas, we also tried to go a little out of the usual way. As a result, you can find special, effective, well-proven flavors even in tough situations. Upon reaching the water, they immediately begin to flow out of the bait, leading the fish in the area straight to the hook.

In addition to the aromas, we also used various extra attractors for each of the baits, such as sweeteners, amino acids, special acids, oils, which all further increase efficiency.


  1. The easiest way to offer it is to attach it to a 10mm or 15mm bait pin. With this, if you choose a hook of the right size and weight, you get a balanced bait that raises the spike but not the hook, providing perfect weighting for the fish to get it with the slightest sniff.
  2. Upon reaching water, it immediately begins to dissolve, its aroma quickly spreads around the bait.
  3. In addition to the aroma of the bait, the significance of colors can be outstanding. Feel free to switch the bait until you get as many catches as possible. If you get hooked on one of them, try the next one, you'll definitely be productive again.
  4. With various amino sprays and aroma drops, you can improve the catchiness of the bait even further. Drip the aroma so that the best gets on the feeding material in the method basket, but don't miss the bait.

Super floating pop-up, very attractive with a strong smell.

size 11mm

package: 20gr