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Promix Method Wafter Pellet Mini 5mm Pineapple & Strawberry

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Promix Pellet Mini 18g Pineapple & Strawberry Wafters

Promix Method Wafter Pellet Mini.

When developing the Promix Wafter Pellet Mini, our goal was to find the perfect solution for situations when fish only take the lightest, tiniest baits.

The products have gone through a very long period of development and testing to create the best-working, most catchy baits.

The wafter pellet floats when cast into water, but if you insert it to the sting, it stays on the bottom.

If you nail it from the round end of the dumbell, it tilts to a standing position, and the sting will always be at the bottom.

This position is unbeatable, even in competitive situations, or when fishing for more cautious fish.

In addition to buoyancy, colors and aromas have the greatest emphasis.

In addition to the most intense fluo colors, the palette also includes more natural colors that can be used to trick more cautious fish, which live in crystal clear waters.

We also tried to deviate a bit from the usual flavors in terms of aromas.

As a result, you can choose from special, effective flavors.

In addition to the aromas, we also used various extra attractors for each of the baits, such as sweeteners, amino acids, special acids, oils, all of which further increase efficiency.

size 5mm

package: 18gr