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Promix Duo Method Wafter 10mm Sweet F1

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Real wafters buoyancy, 2 colors and color combinations in every jar

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When developing the Promix DUO Wafters, the clear goal was to create a bait range from our best doughthat can be used as versatile as possible. As a result, the products have gone through a very long period of development and testing, so that only the best working and catchiest lures are placed in your hands, or rather on the spikes, or rather in the mouths of fish.

In the case of wafter baits, too, there are many ways to interpret the correct buoyancy. The wafter pellet floats when thrown into water, but if you insert the thick bait spike into it, it stays on the bottom, but with a fine spike it lifts the capillary, but the hook stays down.In competitive situations, this kind of variability is unbeatable.

In addition to buoyancy, colours and aromas are arguably the most important. In addition to the most intense fluo colors, brown and white play a significant role in the palette. This can further increase variability, because depending on where the spike is inserted, the white, colored or dark brown side can also take the upper position. The white/Fluo bait is much more lively, while the brown/fluo bait allows for a slightly more hidden offering. In terms of aromas, we also tried to go a little out of the usual way. As a result, you can find special, effective, well-proven flavorsin this bait family, even in tough situations. Upon reaching the water, they immediately begin to flow out of the bait, leading the fish in the area straight to the hook.

In addition to the aromas, we also used various extra attractors for each of the baits, such as sweeteners, amino acids, special acids, oils, which all further increase efficiency.

size 10mm

package: 18gr