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Prohunter Egiking Tiger Abalone Squid Jigs #3.0

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Prohunter EgiKing Tiger Abalone #3.0 Squid Jig

Size: #3.0
Weight: 15gr
Sinking rate: 3.0 - 3.5 seconds per meter
Rattle inside
Glow in the dark

Hooks By OWNER
Japanese UV Active Cloth

UV 3D Finished:
  • Exclusive UV printing technology.
  • Natural simulation colors.
  • Built with natural fish colors fibre with 3D lumo eyes.
Design and Action:
  • Perfect 3D mechanics masterpiece.
  • 45 degree sinking angle & long cast shape pattern.
  • Special shape for strong wind, current and deep area.
  • Easy casting down to range of squid located.
  • Built with high - End components & quality control.
  • Professional choice for squid fisherman.