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Palms Minature Dax jig 10gr

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The Palms Miniature Dax for Light Rock Fishing is one of the best jigs, at its kind worldwide. We strongly recommend this amazing jig for light fishing techniques and we are certain it will instantly gain a prominent place in your lures arsenal.

If one takes a closer look, he will notice the big concentration of metal at the back of their body, therefore could argue that the Palms Miniature Dax is a rear weighed jig. But not everything is always as it seems. The Miniature Dax is not another rear weighed jig. Its shape combines the immediate reaction of rear weighed jigs, with the slow and careful immersion rate of wide jigs. This produces a unique outcome.

The anglers who are familiar with the Palms products know that the Japanese company leaves nothing to chance. Everything that is released to the market is a result of a persistent trial and error process, made with the finest raw materials. With the Miniature Dax jigs, Palms wanted to create a basic tool for Light Rock Fishing which could combine the traits of various, jig categories. First of all, it has great stability and maintains its balance in rough weather conditions and secondly a very tempting, underwater motion, regardless if we perform Jerks and Twitches, or allow it to sink freely.

The Palms Miniature Dax micro jig, combines its rear weight distribution with a slightly flattened shape is exactly what an angler needs. On one hand these features ensure that this jig makes long and accurate casts and that it is maintains its posture even in waves, or currents. At the same time, its motion appears completely natural and because of it wide body and perfect balance it performs an intensive rolling. The Miniature Dax is a lure with an excellent presentation, even with a steady retrieve.

Having said that the Miniature Dax respond perfectly to continuous and sharp strikes, close to the surface, or to twitches and jerks of longer duration that are combined with targeted pauses to allow the jigs reach a little lower in the water column.

Because the Miniature Dax jigs respond instantly to the commands of our rod, they are ideal for exploring those flats, where big White Seabreams are hiding, or reach greater depths where False Scads and Saddled Seabreams lurk.

During our fishing experiences with the Miniature Dax many White Seabreams of remarkable size were caught. The fish showed great preference to the Miniature Dax especially in fast and full of sharp jerks retrieves, as also in pauses of small duration in very shallow water. Bottom line the Palms Miniature Dax are amazing jigs for the Mediterranean and have all the features that we need for Light, or Hard Rock Fishing. Long cast, instant response to every rod command, natural motion when sinking, liveliness even with a steady retrieve.