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P-Line Stone Line 150mt (Camo Green)

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We could have followed many of our competitors and produced a conventional dark-coloured monofilament line, but this is not what our customers want and we chose instead to invest time and money in developing a truly fast sinking product. A special process used to weight the new P-Line Stone monofilament during extrusion makes it sink very quickly, hence the term Fast Sinking monofilament. Its high linear and knot strength, combined with its softness and absence of memory, enable the same long, smooth casts as with a high quality conventional line. The “Camouflage Green” colour means that the line blends into the water and is virtually invisible.

  • Fast Sinking
  • Low Memory
  • Ultra Strong


    0.16mm - 3.99Kg

    0.18mm - 4.495Kg

    0.20mm - 5.195Kg

    0.22mm - 6.420Kg

    0.24mm - 7.630Kg