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Owner SJ-51TN Stinger Jigging Hooks

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Owner Cultiva SJ-51 TN 


Undoubtedly the best hooks in the world market, for fishing techniques such as jigging, guard pencil, zombies, inchiku, even for fishing. Incredibly light and strong, it does not bother our live bait allowing its natural water movement. Designed with Owner's Cutting Point technology to avoid losing its instant nailing even after many uses. Made of new TN technology that resembles a common aluminum to minimize weight but with durability and nailing that will leave you surprised. It does not rust and does not break even under enormous pressure. That's the best you've ever tried for these fishing techniques.


Size hook weight
1/0 5 90lb
2/0 5 100lb
3/0 4 110lb
5/0 4 160lb
7/0 4 200lb