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Owner Cultiva JF-25 Hooks

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Owner Cultiva JF-25 Hooks

Assist hooks by Owner for Slow Jigging enthusiasts.

The Cultiva Jigger Light JF-25 provide a very strong hold and once they pierce through the jaws of the fish, there is no escape due to a sharp, straight point and the curvy, wide gap pointing inwards.

These Cultiva Jigging hooks have an ultra thin shank, hence they do not affect the motion of the jig and are easily sucked into the mouth of the fish.

Made of Taff-Wire material, it helps create hooks that are smaller in diameter, yet stronger and harder than ever before. The single most important characteristic for hook penetration is the wire diameter. Taff-Wire hooks are stronger per wire diameter, than any hook in the market and feature a 20% smaller diameter than standard steel wire and is 20% stronger for unmatched strength and unbeatable hook penetration. Taff Wire is also much harder and denser than standard steel, so the Super Need Point hook points stay sharper for a longer period of time.

Technical Characteristics

  • Taff Wire
  • Forged
  • Nickel
  • For Jigging
  • Code:
  • Model: JF-25
Size Strength (kg) Strength (Lbs) Pieces per Package
1/0 7.6 16 11
2/0 11.1 24 10
3/0 11.2 25 9
4/0 15.9 35 8
5/0 17.2 38 7