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Owner Cultiva 66101 PFP-04 Assist Tairubber Line

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It has a moderate elasticity and is in sync with the tie, making it difficult to get entangled!

With conventional products, the hooks were too violent and could get entangled with leaders, turnips, and ties.

In order to solve this, Fluoro is built into the core of the material by the "follow-up manufacturing method" (no gap).

This makes it possible to tune in to the tie without getting entangled with a moderate amount of stiffness.

In addition, the fluoro core effect eliminates loose knots. Lineup for small to large 鈎. The range of your own work will expand.

Specification details

  • Product number: 66101 
Remark 1 JAN code
35Lb Length: 5m 4953873253003
50Lb Length: 5m 4953873253010
75Lb Length: 5m 4953873253027