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Owner Carp Line CT-1 Flyliner Rig

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Owner Carp Line CT-1 Flyliner Rig

Snag fishing knowledge and understanding how to fish really close to weed, reeds and underwater feature is a great skill. Snags are like a magnet to big carp – they use them as cover, plus the carp feed on water life that lives or drifts into the snag. Use a flying back lead and rig tubing with putty or wire to keep the line above the rig pinned down the lake bed. A pear can be used on a flat bottom, but a Grippa could also be used for slopes. Finally, to allow easy release of the lead, push the tail rubber only one-third of the way on to the safety clip.


  • MODEL#: 56993(ORC-3)
6 19cm CT-1 FLYLINER Line:15lb 4953873472855
4 19cm CT-1 FLYLINER Line:25lb 4953873472862
2 19cm CT-1 FLYLINER Line:25lb 4953873472879