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Mistrall Fantom RX 40 spinning reel

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Lightweight, strong and durable reel with very sensitive brake. The Phantom RX reel is best suited for spinning. Here you will most appreciate the exceptional properties of this gem. Innovative design that combines black-and-red colours with carbon elements. The reel is equipped with the highest quality "intestines". An innovative novelty is a special plastic protection against tangling the line under the spool. All gears metal. The gears are equipped with the most modern Japanese bearings. There are 8 of them in the reel (seven ball and one axial). The reel is sold with two lightweight reels, so you can walk on the train with both the line and the line and you do not have to change the entire reel for this. This is especially useful for fishermen who catch even in frosts, when the braided line is almost impossible to use. A computer-balanced rotor and a very soft but powerful brake will ensure you the perfect hunting experience. The 5, 7:1 ratio guarantees very fast winding, which you can use, for example, when fishing for bolens.

  • Bearings 7 + 1
  • Winding gear 5.7:1
  • Lightweight coil
  • Special plastic protection against tangling the line under the spool
  • Soft and strong brake
  • Design appearance
  • Computer-balanced rotor
  • Quality gears
  • Weight 272 g
  • Coil content 0.23 mm/ 250 m, 0.27 mm/185 m