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Maria Yamashita Rapido 160F

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The Maria Rapido Floating Stick Bait Lure is a serious lure for big game anglers. These high-quality Stick Baits are a great option for targeting bluewater pelagic's from big Kingfish and Giant Trevally to Monster Tuna.

If you're after a tough lure then the Maria Floating Stick Bait Lure won't disappoint with its internal ribbing and wire through construction this lure is built to rumble.

The Maria Rapido Floating Stick Bait Lure can be retrieved fast or slow and can be very effective on those tough quiet days. With its sweeping and rolling action, the Maria Rapido Lure will also float with the tail down on the pause.


  • Floating Stick Bait
  • Tough Inner Ribbed Body
  • Wire Through Construction
  • Realistic Eyes
  • Floats Tail Down
  • Lengths 160mm
  • Weights 50gr