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Major Craft

Majorcraft Eden Finetail 45SS

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MAJOR CRAFT Slow Sinking Twitch Bait Lure Finetail EDEN 45SS

With its unique flat shape structure, you can enjoy various actions such as sharp fluttering and slow short dart.
The low center of gravity and fixed weight stabilizes the flight attitude and enables long casting. Since it sinks from the rear, thread entanglement is also drastically reduced.
As the lure is descending, it produces a trembling motion (wobbling). Intense twitching will unleash its potential, bring it to life and make it move in an irregular pattern under water. Its realistic details, its natural eyes and the design details that have been added by Major Craft (gills, lateral line) combined with the fluoropolymer coating, will trigger predatory instincts to nearby fish.

Armed with two original treble hooks made in Japan.
Fluorine coated.

Lure length:45mm
Lure weight:3g