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Major Craft

Major Craft Zoc HD20 Assist Hooks

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Penetrating force "ZOC"


HOOK SIZE: 2 • 1 • 1/0 • 2/0 • 3/0 • 4/0 • 5/0 
Single / 3 sets of dual / 2 sets entered tandem / 2 sets entered 
ZOC (zoc), are the new assist hooks for light tackle and deep area where hooking power is difficult to be transmitted. The new ZOC HOOKS surely hang the fish! !
Design that was able to withstand actual fishing, reduced weight to the limit (thinner axis). We successfully succeeded in coating thread with high-altitude resin used for guide wrapping of rod (Z-HARD COAT), "lightening", "reducing water resistance" and "improving durability" compared to conventional shrinkable tubes . Hook self weight, assist line length, select appropriate number for each size. It prevents snagging on to the jig and improves hooking rate.