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Major Craft

Major Craft Tainomi Tungsten Hybrid 80gr

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The Major Craft Tainomi jigs have a peculiar sinking pattern, due to the line not passing through the center of the jig, but through a slice of the jig. So when the jig touches the bottom, the assist hooks will remain far from it and avoid unwanted tangles. They have many advantages and are a flexible lure, which you can use in many fishing styles - Micro Jigging, Hitotsu Tenya, Tai Rubber - depending on the depth and currents in the area. The falling motion of the Tainomi jigs provides no discomfort to the prey, since the head sinks first and the Assist Hooks follow. It appears natural and lures even weary fish.

More and more companies in the fishing industry, are adopting the use of Tungsten for the construction of metallic jigs, because of the better properties compared to lead, in fishing applications. Tungsten is a heavy metal, with 1.7 times more density compared to lead, which offers to jigs made of this particular metal a number of advantages. One basic advantage is their ability to withstand currents. At the same time it is harder as a material, so the jigs are not easily worn out either because of extensive use, attacks, or hits on rocks.

Tungsten is a material that can be found in nature, in small quantities and only in compounds with other elements, a fact that classifies it as a high cost material, both because of its rarity, but also for the separation procedures it needs to go through. Tungsten is also considered an "ecological material", friendly to the natural environment, but also to humans. Many experienced anglers, the fishing techniques they practice require casts such as (Shore Jigging, Slow Jigging, Jigging) consider tungsten to be the material of the future.

The Major Craft Tainomi Hybrid jigs are equipped with a rig that consists of double assist hooks, slim tinsels that look like tentacles and glowing beads.