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Major Craft

Major Craft New Giant Killing Jigging Bait Model GXJ-B69MTR/S

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Major Craft New Giant Killing Tai rubber Model

Tai rubber model (TR) equipped with the latest technology armed with 4-axis carbon and cross force has appeared!

Tylaba model (TR) which was assembled by 4-axis carbon and cross force manufacturing method appeared in "Giant Killing Light Game" series supported from many anglers as a classic offshore rod. Lineup of Solid Tip model for Utsumi and Dottela model (DTR) developed exclusively for sinking. Since it is a rich lineup for thoroughly enjoying light offshore games, feel freejogging want to be deeply enjoyed.


It is a model of adopting a solid tip that places importance on loading. A flexible solid tip and a blank that bends smoothly to the bat will be able to enjoy it even with fighting of the large red snapper. Ideal for using Tyraba around 100g. 

Length: 6'9''

C.W.: Max 160gr

Line: 0.6 - 1.5 Pe

Action: Extra Fast