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Major Craft

Major Craft Life Vest

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The Major Craft life jacket, is necessary when fishing in rocky shores and not easily accessible places. It will allow you to carry your equipment, but will protect you in case you unexpectedly find yourself in the water.

The Major Craft Life Vest is waterproof, has a backpack pocket that closes with a zipper. Straps will enable you to fit it, to your body.

It has 3 large pockets, which close with zippers and 3 smaller pockets, which close with velcro, for smaller items.

Fishing vests are a very useful tool for every angler, as they allow the safe transportation of your gear, in an organized manner and at the same time your hands are free. In fishing styles such as Spinning, Shore Jigging and Wading, where ease of movement is necessary, opt for reinforced but lightweight vests that allow you to easily access all the accessories, such as pliers, cutters, knoves, small tackle boxes, assist hooks, etc.

With the help of the fishing vest, the weight of the accessories is distributed in a way that does not affect our balance, as a carrying case would do when climbing rocks.

In Spinning, Eging and Wading fishing styles, one can always fish with the safety and comfort of the Major Craft Vest, as it is almost weightless and does not prevent casting movements.

The Major Craft Life Vest is essential equipment for young, fishing enthusiasts, who sometimes follow us on our excursions.