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Major Craft

Major Craft Kae No Mi TG Hybrid head Tungsten 130gr

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 Major Craft's Kae no mi Head is a heavy jig head with a central hole. The head has a spherical shape with a slight bevel in the final part and a central hole with plastic tube to protect the line. The use of this head is really interesting; in fact, it can be used both as a spare part for your Tai Rubber jigs, and to be able to experiment with different frames both with soft baits and natural baits. Available in weights from 45 to 160 grams, it will be possible to make a very natural presentation for vertical fishing from the boat. The natural presentation is accompanied by a greater possibility of biting the prey; in fact, when the latter grasps the assembly made with the lead, it will slide along the terminal so as to free the bait and not frighten the prey, making fishing much easier.