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Major Craft

Major Craft Jigpara 60gr

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High Potential jig corresponding to the overwhelming distance and any action

Field, King of standard jig corresponding to every situation without selecting a target, an action, it is "JIGPARA" (Jigupara). The flight distance is of greatest weapon in Shore jigging is needless to say. Its small compact silhouette of air resistance will produce an overwhelming distance. Also the lack of pull weight feeling that corresponds to every jerk to throw from the high pitch, easy to center balance the induce timing of not eaten does not choose the consumer. That from the first throw to the end of the 1-throw of the day is the definitive edition of de classic jig that can be cast with 100% confidence.


Outstanding hooking rate

Secret of outstanding hooking performance, it hook point. Equipped with Japanese-made original hook that is subjected to the front and rear top priority. And touches it over immediately if! This is the conclusion of major craft serious to Shore jigging.