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KZ Lures BR110 Handmade Lures

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The KZ BR110 lure has been completely hand-made, based on an imitation of one of the most frequent targets, of the large predators of the Mediterranean, namely the small Barracuda. It targets Saddled Seabreams, small Seabass, Needlefish, Barracuda, but can also be chased by Amberjacks, Bluefish, Bonitos and in general all predators that hunt close to the surface.

The BR110 has a single, 316 stainless steel wire going through its body, 1.3mm thick, capable of handling even the most powerful predators. The body of the lure (11 cm) is made with liquid polyurethane, it has its weight center at the back to facilitate casting, when the conditions are unfavorable. Its total weight is at 11 gr and its finishing features 3 layers of epoxy varnish making it strong and resistant to bites and accidental hits.

The BR110 is an easy-to-use lure that will respond to a multitude of retrieves, ideally with a Regular Fast rod, with tip action, so that even a beginner can handle it, giving it life and hitting long casts with ease. An ideal combination is with:

  • Heavy Rock Fishing, or Light Spinning rod with Casting Weight max 20 gr
  • Reel with 5.3:1 Gear Ratio
  • Braid between 0.08 mm to 0.13 mm
  • Leader between 0.235 mm up to 0.31 mm

You can fish the BR110 with 4 different styles:

1) Walk the Dog: With the rod in a horizontal position, when the lure is at its maximum distance, gives it an easy and relaxing Walk the Dog motion, with Twitches, at various retrieval speeds. As the lure approaches the shore, lower the tip of your rod to maximum of 30⁰.

2) S-Curve: With the back of the lure in the water and with the nose sticking out, with a light flick of the rod downwards, start a simple retrieve, with a fast reel. Allow the necessary pauses for the lure to find its balance and to allow it sink a little. This results in a so-called S-Curve retrieve, in which the lure forms a huge S trajectory just below the water surface, then slowly rising to the surface with its head up.

3) Underwater Walk the Dog: Bring the braid parallel to the surface of the sea and continue with Twitches; this lure will make all the difference.

4) Skipping Action: No special technique is needed for this retrieve, but it is effective in high speed retrieves, with the rod at 60⁰ up to 90⁰ , tearing the water like a fish in distress.

The handmade KZ-BR110 lure gives you an option of several retrieval styles depending on the conditions, in order to reproduce the best possible swimming action in the eyes predators, reproducing the behavior of an unsuspecting fish, which suddenly turns into a nervous and hunted prey.

Technical Characteristics

  • Weight: 11 gr
  • Length: 110mm
  • Action: Floating
  • Treble Hooks: 2 x BKK FANGS BT662-UA 10#