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Kristal Fishing AFC-4 Invisible Planer

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This sinker is equipped with a bigger sized sinking fin than the AFC-2. By exerting less resistance, this model can be towed at higher speeds than the AFC-2 model. If, on the other hand, it is used simultaneously together with the AFC-2 or AFC-4 it will sink to a more extent than the latter allowing you to distribute the lines at different depths ensuring a more effective search for herds of predators and minimizing the risk of crossing lines. .

Inserted on the line of the rod causes the descent of the lure The Invisible Squid Catcher is a hydrodynamic sinker created for trolling cephalopods. It fits on the line and its particular shape pushes it to sink considerably at speed (2.5-3 knots).

The inclination of descent varies according to the 5 upper holes. The release mechanism whose strength is regulated by elastic bands allows it to emerge even with prey that exert little resistance. In addition to trolling with squid, excellent results are also obtained in small trolling (mackerel, horse mackerel, bonito, amberjack, snapper).

It can be combined with one of our depth lamps which in the case performs a dual function: to call prey and to warn of the presence of a prey when the AFC has returned to the surface.

The release is precise and simple to adjust.