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Kristal Fishing AFC-2 Invisible Planer

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Always unsurpassed in trolling squid, the AFC-2 hydrodynamic sinker is fantastic for coastal trolling where it can be used to target different prey. The AFC-2 is available in a transparent version and a black version for night trolling. Inserted on the line of the rod causes the descent of the bait. The prey ferrata activates the release of the catch and the reversal of the direction of the AFC which returns to the surface. 
The AFC can also be used as a sinker connected to a classic down-rigger. In this case, the directional stop first comes off at the via ferrata, which causes the AFC to rise and then the classic sinking clip. Thanks to the 5 holes available for the swivel, you can also decide the inclination of descent. In this way it is possible to use several downriggers at the same time on the same boat.