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JLC Oki combo

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Spanish company JLC (Jigging Ala Carta) has developed the OKI JLC® silicone lure, which came to add depth and variety to the soft cephalopod lures family. Spanish company JLC considers the OKI a new benchmark in the world of trolling. It looks real , it is lightweight and fast.

Following the same commitment for pursuing realism, ease of handling, and underwater attention catching, JLC has achieved the greatest resemblance to a live cuttlefish, due to its unique motion, brightness and color changing effect. In addition JLC has carefully studied and reproduced the fins and tentacles, so that they appear natural in the eyes of predators.

The JLC OKI Vinyl lure is lighter, smaller than the Xoco and is addressing the need for faster presentations, when the fish are actively hunting. The OKI Combo silicone cuttlefish is available in 50, 80 and 110 gr weights. It is 12.3 cm in length, irrespective of the overall weight and available in 4 colors: Natural, Pink Sparkles, Glitter Red and Fluorine Pink with a glow effect.

The Combo version includes a jighead that functions as a sinker, the JLC® Cuttlefish body and the main hook. The body of the Xoco is ready to be rigged to your line and go fishing. It can also be rigged with extra Assist Hooks.

Body Length Jighead Weight Total Weight
12.3 cm 50 gr 90 gr
12.3 cm 80 gr 120 gr
12.3 cm 110 gr 150 gr
12.3 cm 140 gr 185 gr