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Jatsui Sea Slicker Frenzy 55

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Jatsui Sea Slicker Frenzy 55

The Jatsui Frenzy is one of the latest creations of the Jatsui brand.

At 5.5 cm and 3.6 gr this is a lure with an impressive motion pattern that addresses the needs of Light Rock Fishing enthusiasts. Its motion is subtle, but this lure, responds well to a variety of recovery techniques. This was made possible thanks to the efforts by the Jatsui designers improve the hydrodynamic profile of the lure during the prototype phase, achieving a perfect weight balance between the various joints of the lure.

The strength of the Jatsui Frenzy lays in its horizontal sinking posture and casting distance, in addition to the extremely realistic swimming motion thanks to the shape and angle of the front lip.

Jatsui equipped the Frenzy lure with the deadly WMC treble hooks, so it can tackle Barracudas, Sea bass, Pike and King Perch.

Technical Characteristics

  • Length: 5.5 cm
  • Βάρος: 3.6 gr
  • Treble Hooks: 2 x VMC 9649
  • Available in 4 colors: 47, 67, 73, RH