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Jackall BamBluz short jig 120gr

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 To master the standard.
Axis model of offshore jigging "Bumbles Zig" was born to confront sprinters of the ocean such as yellowtail and hiramasa.

What the Jackal wanted was a fall response to eat. With an asymmetrical shape, the shape with a sharp edge with volume on one back side when viewed from the front and the shape contrast between the thin and sharp shape on the ventral side realizes agile action response. It is an exquisite balance design that breaks the line tension after the jerk and at the same time falls while accompanying rolling and sliding.

TYPE-SHORT is effective when the predator bait is a small silhouette such as a sardines or a cocoon. With a semi-wide shape that concentrates weights in the center of the body, it is a model that is good at inviting one-pitch jerks from slow to mid-tempo, and it attracts and eats firmly even when the tide is loose.

Weight: 120gr

Type: Sinking