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Jack Fin

Jack Fin Stylo 175

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Bluefish series
Stylo 175 is an extremely versatile pencil-bait that mimics one of the most common prey: the needle-fish.
With its various retrieve actions is suitable to be used both in terms of very fast retrieves and active fishes, both in terms of slower retrieves with more apathetic fishes.
Its extremely aerodynamic shape and its 21 grams allow very long casts.
The length is 17.5cm and is equipped with a through wire solution of 1,6 mm stainless steel.
Is protected by several layers of extra-strong glossy finish.
Its armed with strong trebles able to resist big predators jaws.
Probably Most Popular Inshore Fishing European Topwater Handmade Lure On Market Today!!!
Often Imitated Never Duplicated!!!
Registered design.
Handmade in ITALY.

Lure length: 175mm
Lure weight: 21 gr
Lure action: Floating
Armed with treble hooks: Belly #4 4 x Strong,Tail #4 4 x Strong