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Ima Salt Skimmer 110

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The IMA Skimmer is reported to be the only top water, hard plastic surface lure with the slender profile of a soft plastic stickbait. A weighted internal system allows the lure to zig zag and create large swirls and ever widening surface boils on retrieve. The Skimmer is equipped with Owner ST 36 hooks, weighs 14g and measures 110mm. It's slim profile and weighted tail gives it serious momentum when cast. Here's the manufacturer's description: 'The ima Skimmer is unique among hard plastic topwater stickbaits in that only the ima Skimmer has the slender body shape of a 5″ soft plastic stickbait. This slim profile has proven to be one of the most appealing bass lure shapes ever. There’s a whole lot to be said simply for this slender profile and silhouette, and the ima Skimmer is really the only topwater hardbait that has it. A large part of the Skimmer’s action is caused on the ending movement of each zig or zag as the tail-weighted back end of the ima Skimmer stirs the water wildly causing a large boil. So every time that the Skimmer zigs or zags left or right, the final movement of the weighted tail stirs the surface into a large boil, and the Skimmer slips out barely ahead of the boil, just like a desperate baitfish narrowly escaping a bass’s lunge. The Skimmer’s action then becomes a non-stop series of ever-widening boils emanating behind it. It’s like having a school of surface-feeding bass on the scene, all boiling the surface behind the ima Skimmer’s tail. If there’s ever anything that gets a non-committal bass to bite, it is other bass feeding in front of it - and that’s the competitive feeding cue that the Skimmer’s tail-stirring movement sends out to all bass within range of sensing the surface-feeding boils trailing out behind the Skimmer.


Length 110mm
Weight 14gr
Type Surface
Depth Range 0 cm
Hooks #4
Ring #2