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Ima Komomo 125HD

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Komomo 125 HD(Head Down) casts like an arrow due to an internal weight shifting system. The Komomo 125 doesn't have a protruding diving lip giving it a really natural appearance without additional casting resistance. Described as a fairly shallow minnow, when retrieved the lure will work in the top 20-40cm. Raise your rod high and crank slowly and the lure will sit higher in the water column with a tight rolling and wobbling action. Equipped with Owner ST-46 hooks, the lure is 125mm long, weighs around 17g and features a nearly indestructible ABS plastic body. This is the 2013 model with the 'Head Down' action. 

Length: 125mm
Weight: 17g
Type: Floating
Depth Range: 20~40cm
Hooks: ST-46 # 4
Ring: Original # 3