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Hots Bigfin Inchiku jig 120gr

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The search for the definite inchiku jig is over. The Big Fin Hots are a well-chosen combination of innovation, functionality and aesthetics, a lot more than simply, a piece of metal and an octopus attached behind. The Japanese jigs Hots has developed its own concept of inchiku, in an attempt to break the classic type of inchiku jig.

There is a unique feature to these inchiku jigs and that is their perfect balance. The Big Fin holds its posture even with fast recovery thanks to its stabilizing fins and the shape of keel in the underside. This shape ensures a more balanced posture during recovery. Also on the way down the Big Fin moves in a perfectly vertical position.

The Big Fin Inchiku has a split ring at a fixed location, in a position of about 2/3 of the length of the body, towards the tail, in a hollow dug in which the assist line connecting the two hooks.

The assist hooks are Iseama type with a fairly wide curve and a very sharp tip. They are rigged with a secure binding on the stem.

The octopus is definitely original characterized by a small head and several tentacles. It is particularly soft , flexible and durable with splashes of paint.

The Big Fin jigs works with the easiest retrieve. Basicaly let the lure hit the bottom, then perform a light hop, then retrieve the slack line. Continue the retrieve with small, tender jerks.

The head does not rotate and the silicon octopus does not get tangled up on the line.

The Big Fin Hots can be very effective when you work it slowly in the bottom, or with jerking in the mid depth. The stop and go method also gives good results.