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Flagman Twidd Spoon

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Flagman Twidd - rotating blubber, which have high catchiness and quality of manufacture. Structurally, they are represented by a rotating petal with a core of several multi-colored balls and a fly on a tee. The weight of the cores of different models varies by a set of balls of different diameters placed on their axis. The petal has a classic oval shape of the English type. Deviating from the axis by 40-45 degrees, it starts perfectly from the first revolutions of the coil and works steadily both on the current and in standing water, continuing its rotation even on small pauses in spinning technigue. The center of gravity of the Twidd is shifted closer to the back. Such a constructive solution significantly affects the increase in the range and accuracy of throwing. All Twidd spoons are equipped with factory rings and with VMC treble hooks.