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Flagman Telescopic Net with nylon Mesh 2.30mt

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Hook for taking big fish. Well suited for fishing, primarily from a boat. It has a strong one-piece aluminum hoop, the attachment node to the handle is made of carbon. The special shape of the head makes it easier to take the trophy. Flagman Landing Net is equipped with a telescopic aluminum handle with a retainer made of durable plastic (fixed by turning). For increased comfort, the holder on the handle is made of soft EVA material. The net is woven from a cord for tennis rackets, in which hooks are not tangled. This is a big plus when fishing for lures equipped with two or three tees, such as lures.  Weight: 780g.

Handle total Length: 1,60mt

Head size: 70x70cm

Mesh eye: 4x4cm

Depth: 80cm

Mesh material: Nylon

Head and handle material: Aluminium

Weight: 780gr