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Flagman Magic Stick 3'' Soft bait

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Flagman Magic Stick 3'' Soft bait

Flagman Magic Stick's series of soft lures features outstanding catchiness and exceptional mobility. The branded material from which the bait is made has a strong attraction. It is elastic and at the same time durable, which contributes to the long-term preservation of performance. The lure of Magic Stick is "edible", has a strong and persistent smell. Due to the presence of salt in the material, the predator keeps such bait in the mouth longer than usual, so pecking often ends with an effective gimmed. Sealed sealed packaging retains all the properties of bait for a long time.

Flagman Magic Stick shows high results when used on a variety of installations: hinge, Texas, drop shot, "detachable", etc. To ensure maximum mobility, it makes sense to place the bait in a horizontal plane. When catching on the current, sometimes it is worth placing the bait on the contrary – in the vertical plane. In this case, the current will "revive" the tail, provoking the predator to attack. Magic Stick is especially effective when catching a passive predator both in the warm season and in the cold water season.