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Flagman Lucky Craw 2'' Soft bait

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Flagman Lucky Craw 2'' Soft bait

The edible lure of Flagman Lucky Craw is an imitation of craw, which, unlike most soft baits, is 100% active bait. Claws are curved in the manner of twister tails, but not so much, so when fishing they do not "flow", but simply fluctuate up and down. The bait begins to play with the slowest use, actively plays during immersion. However, all the animation techniques that are used when catching passive imitations of crayfish, here, too, can be used.

 Flagman Lucky Craw has great frontal resistance, her powerful swinging fish feels from a long distance. This is a great bait for catching pike and other freshwater fish. It works well on a variety of installations.

Lucky Craw bait is made of soft plastic in the most popular colors. In addition, the composition of plastic includes fine salt and special natural attractants. Giving a large amount of substances to the environment that stimulate the appetite of fish, such baiting provokes not only active, but also make fish to bite.