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Flagman EVA Rig Spools in Box (12pcs)

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Flagman EVA Rig Spools in Box (12pcs)

Flagman Eva Rig Spools NJ2512 is a convenient box with twelve round spools for storing and transporting leashes and ready-made accessories. The transparent cover allows you to see spools through it, closes with one latch of a reliable design.
Round spools, allowing to avoid sharp bends and deformation of the fishing line, are made of soft foamed polymer EVA, which is lightweight and durable. In addition, the EVA material is waterproof, does not allow air to pass through and does not accumulate moisture.
To fix the leash on the Eva Rig Spools spool, you need to stick the hook into the spool, wind the leash and secure the loop with a pin. To fix several leads on one spool, thread the hook of the subsequent leash into the loop of the previous one. Fix the loop of the last leash with a pin.

Size: 19x16x6 cm