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Flagman Cheburashka Swing Head box

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Flagman Cheburashka Swing Head - a series of lead "eared" weights with a removable stainless steel bracket. They are distinguished by high quality workmanship, clear marking, a calibrated shape of the bending of the bracket and a stable paintwork. "Cheburashka" Flagman Cheburashka Swing Head have several advantages. So, thanks to a removable bracket made of hard stainless steel, the hook is installed without additional elements of equipment (drive rings), and the bait itself, together with the hook, can be quickly changed during the fishing process without changing the sinker. In addition, a high degree of bait freedom with different methods of animation often plays a decisive role in increasing the number of bites. Flagman Cheburashka Swing Head heads are made in a wide range of scales and sizes, as well as in several color options that perfectly provoke the fish to bite, as an additional irritating factor.

5gr - 5pcs

8gr - 5pcs

10gr - 5pcs

12gr - 5pcs

40gr - 5pcs

60gr - 3pcs