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Fiiish Mud Digger 90mm

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The Fiiish Mud Digger is the new silicone bait, available only in 9 cm length, in 4 different colors, rigged with three different jig heads in 5 / 10 / 15 grams. This soft bait is capable of capturing an incredible variety of different species, both in the Freshwater and Saltwater beds. The Mud Digger is the perfect silicone bait for difficult conditions with apathetic, or very weary fish. The fundamental characteristic of this bait is the attitude that manages to display thanks to the “reverse paddle tail", the fins on its back and the special shape of the head. The rounded head has the ability to hit the bottom without getting tangled up and move down with great harmony and balance. The hook is positioned perfectly, to pierce the jaws of the fish. The Fiiish Mud Digger is an entirely new concept that can capture an impressive amount of fish.

You can get three different actions from the Mud Digger, depending on the way you use it. In "vertical" fishing, the jig head allows the lure to maintain a horizontal position during a short pause, a few centimeters from the bottom, this being an attractive position for all predators. When allowing the lure to sink at a slow speed, the jig head has a flat surface underneath which slows down the descending speed of the lure and boosts the action of the body. The effectiveness of the lure’s action during descent is unbelievable. It is often during this decisive phase that the fish attack, so be warned. Finally, when the lure touches the bottom, the jig head lands in a natural manner and keeps the lure’s body slightly leaning forward, pretending it is taking a break. In addition, the position of the hook up gives better results during attacks.

Fiiish handled the slit on the back of the lure with great care in order to further improve the performance and the mobility of the bait. The opening, where the hook exits increases the flexibility and reactivity of the lures to the rod’s actions. The hook is rigged easily, as the slit on the lure’s back serves as a guide. The whole design concept, makes the Fiiish soft baits very strong and tolerant to vicious attacks, avoiding unnecessary rifts.

Another technical characteristics that functions as an advantage for the Fiiish Mud Diggers is the Reversed Paddle Tail, which is activated instantly when the lure touches the water. The tapered body and the small flipper looking upwards, provides a super responsive natural swim. It comes into action at the slightest motion and that makes the lure incredibly lively and very attractive.

The body is composed of the extremely soft known Fiiish mix material, which allows the bait to wobble even when it stands still.

The Mud Digger can be used with different retrieving speeds. Make it crawl in the bottom, with sudden ups and downs, or allow it to swim with a stable retrieve.

Two UV colors reflect ultra violet rays.