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Fiiish Crazy Sand Eel 100mm

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This new concept, patented by Fiiish is called HSV (High Swimming Vibration). The movement is created by the body, imitating a sandeel that swims very naturally, while creating a strong vibration Which catches the attention of predators. The Crazy Sand Eel is a unique silicone bait, that resulted after extensive testing and modifications by experienced fishermen from Brittany in France. Their goal was to create a lure that imitates a very real sandeel.

The bodies come impregnated with a fish oil based formula, perfumed with anis. Fishing with vinyl baits has never been so much fun, so get ready to increase your catch.

It's about getting the Crazy Sandeel moving at the right speed to kick that body of the lure into life and there are a load of different ways in which anglers may be doing that. Get that lure moving - rip it through the water and feel that body come to life via the vibrations in the rod tip.

How to Use your Fiiish Crazy Sand Eel:

  • The Crazy Sand Eel is a silicone made soft bait with a normal hook, which is not hidden, so you can use it in various depths and explore various layers where the fish may be eating.
  • The fish that Crazy Sand Eel imitates is the sandeel usually found near the beaches where the predators enter to eat.
  • It can be used from the shore, mainly in sandy areas, but you can also try it from the boat and you will see how effective it is.
  • After dropping it into the water, control the descent of the jig head by keeping the tip of the rod raised to make it easier to check the line.
  • When the lure has reached the depth you want it to fish start the retrieve by stretching the thread and then start "playing” to give life to your Crazy Sand Eel.
  • You can try lots of retrieving styles, but always try to keep one element in common: the lure must imitate a wounded or fleeing prey fish.