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Ecogear Power Squid 3.5″

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The colours, attention to detail, and action of these realistic looking 3.5 inch squid lures are incredible! They will tempt jewfish, kingfish, snapper, flathead, trevally, cod, and many other predators. Qty 6 in a pack. Japanese innovation at it’s finest.

  • Real form soft lure imitating squid that are preyed on and enjoyed by many fish eaters.
  • Mimics a real squid action through the emperors coming out of both sides of the body that stir up the water while swimming.
  • The tail with ribbed edges appeals to the target fish through slight flickering movements.
  • Can be used with a variety of rigs such as JIGHEAD and TEXAS rigs.



  • 3.5″ / 85mm
  • Qty 6 per pkt