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DUO Tide Minnow Slim 200

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The ultimate long minnow

The success of the Tide-Minnow Slim 175 has prompted our designers to go one step further. Merely scaling up the size would adversely affect the lure’s performance, so we went back to the drawing board and designed the 200mm model from scratch. A new tapered body cross-section and a tightened head and tail reduces the strain on the angler. The Tide-Minnow Slim 200 is a minnow with almost limitless potential. Try it in the field and we bet you will be impressed!



Compared with the TMS175, which has a wider, more pronounced wobbling action, the TMS200 has a tighter and more toned down ‘wobble & roll’. The swimming depth of this lure is set at 40~80cm; this is shallower than the TMS175. For optimal results, we recommend that the angler choose between the TMS175 and the 200 according to the particular situation.


Although the body weight is almost the same as the TMS175, the longer and thinner body has more air resistance resulting in the lure to tend to lose balance. In order to consistently be able to cast this lure accurately, it will need some getting used to. The trick is to hang the lure from the tip of the rod lower than usual and initiate casting once you have all the weight of the lure on the rod. It would be recommended to have a rod stronger than a medium class rod.

Technical Characteristics 

Length 200mm
Weight 27g
Type Floating (Moving Weight)
Hook #3
Range 0.6~0.9m
  • Model: Tide Minnow Slim Flyer 200
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Weight: 29.5 gr 
  • Type: Sinking (Moving Weight)
  • Treble Hooks: ST46 Νο3
  • Action: Wobble & Roll