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DUO Spearhead Ryuki 46S

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Fully renewed model that keeps swimming as it is, but is even easier to use

It is not just a weight-up model of the
Ryuuki 45S, which has continued
to fascinate trout anglers since its release.

From 1, the body shape and internal structure have been reviewed and a completely new Ryuuki has been newly designed.

The body, which is 45g higher than the 50S and 1S, is easy to handle even with bait finesse, and it is possible to capture points with thick currents and water depths!

Although it has a small body, the appeal is strong, and the action remains the same as Ryuuki's pedigree!

Name Spearhead Ryuuki 46S
Length 46mm
Weight 5g
Type Center of gravity fixation and sinking
Hook #12
Ring Line Eye #0 / Hook Eye #0